The View From Here

We recently had our very first snowfall (which is really late for our area).    This is the view from my front window….every time I see this guy I smile, he looks like he is directing traffic!


~ by Tammy on December 6, 2011.

11 Responses to “The View From Here”

  1. I think traffic is going to be snarled if it gets warm again. Nice selective coloring.

  2. That snow flurry over there, can someone move that tumbleweed, it makes the place look untidy, and someone build up that snow bank! I know material is in short supply, but trust me there is more snow coming!

  3. Oh girlfriend, girlfriend! I am glad that is YOUR view and not mine LOL! Although, I like YOUR snow (because it’s not here!) Cute snowman…did the boys make it?

  4. Love the selective coloring.

  5. Congrats!!!!…Our first one is gone and I’m waiting somewhat anxiously for a new one. Fields are green/brown again instead of pretty White.
    We never got enough to make a snowman really but soon!

  6. Brrrr, we had our first snow yesterday when it got very cold suddenly, but today it’s been raining and slushing and we only have a dusting of snow. Fairly slippery roads though. We have invested in winter boots with studs in the soles to keep us upright and safe on our walkies 🙂

  7. It’s Frosty!!!
    We are finally getting snow here right now.
    I am excited!!

  8. Great splashes of red there…

  9. i love those tiny stick arms! I love too that there is no snow here.

  10. Great shot of the first snow. Like just the red color showing!

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