The Letter G

G is for Grieving.   About a month ago my in laws found a dead blue heron in the lake near their dock.  Since then this blue heron shows up daily and sits on the dock as if waiting for the other blue heron to come back.  It is so sad to watch.  We looked up blue herons on the internet and some sites say they mate for life…it makes me sad seeing this heron grieving the loss of his loved one.  Usually the herons migrate this time of year, but this one seems to be sticking around.  I sure hope he makes it through our cold winter!


~ by Tammy on November 27, 2011.

17 Responses to “The Letter G”

  1. Love the scene and hope, too, he will make it through

  2. 😦

  3. I too wish the same.

  4. So sad . . . I hope he/she finds the strength to fly south.

  5. Tough story Tammy.

  6. Wow that is so sad Tammy, thank you for sharing. I did not know this about these birds.

  7. How sad. Hope he makes it through also 😦

  8. That is sad. Monogamy can really be bad at times.

  9. So poignant. True love is a two edged sword: blissful while it lasts, devastating when one partner is lost.

  10. Such a sad story but such a beautiful photo. I hope he/she can find a new mate eventually, or at least migrate to warmer climes.

  11. It is sad. We have witnessed the same behaviors with Sandhill Cranes 😦

  12. Nice capture Tammy.

  13. Great shot and a poignant story. Maybe register him on eHeronmy

  14. I love Wayne’s suggestion.

  15. What Bobbie said! A wonderful shot, they are so amazing taking off and landing,

  16. your photo says me that there is some hope
    it’s so sad and swans do the same, had a single one around this year, seems he/she also lost the love of it’s life

  17. Sad and beautiful at the same time!

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