Amazing the compact places cats can get into…Josie sure knew how to have a good time. I think she is a little jealous of the baby and vented by playing w/ her toys lol


~ by Tammy on November 11, 2011.

17 Responses to “Compact”

  1. Stealth cat!

  2. Aww…poor kitty!

  3. Nice capture of the “hiding” cat.

  4. Gorgeous Character!

  5. This is way too sweet Tammy!
    What a great shot, and just look at the look on her face!!

  6. Magnificent eyes! Love it when the cats hide under the blankets.

  7. She’s trying to divert the attention from the baby onto her own antics. Hard to be pushed from the spotlight! Love her expression!

  8. Great focus on the eyes.

  9. Cats are great, and the picture is fun.

  10. Hi Tammy,
    Josie sure looks squished into a small place. My cat used to get grocery sacks, the paper ones. Have a great day!


  11. Absolutely faboulous shot!

  12. Love this expression! Such a fun shot!

  13. aw, pretty kitty is worried she’s not going to be the family baby any more.

  14. This is so darned cute!

  15. Josie is a pussycat! Nice how your well illuminated shot didn’t have any reflective light in those beautiful eyes.

  16. Love the blank look on the face.

  17. OMG – even cuter !!

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