I am taking a break from our vacation pics to bring you some pics from our Women Who Wine Halloween Party…there were some great costumes…first one…friendship…I have made some wonderful friends from this fun and wacky group!


~ by Tammy on October 28, 2011.

9 Responses to “Friendship”

  1. Witches of Westwick, Coven Attention, Standat Ease, Covern Meeting is now conveened. Raise your glasses! Lovely bunch of Buddies.

  2. Saw some of these on FB. Too fun!!

  3. This looks like a great bunch….mis-spelled one word but we’ll let that pass.
    Maybe PINK should be the official colour…seems to work for them!

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Great group picture. You need to frame this one. Have a great day!


  5. Looks like a fun group.

  6. This is really great! Great party with some great wine …

  7. Nice group of people!!

  8. Appears to be a fun time and group of women.

  9. Huge group – must be a blast to get together regularly!

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