It gave me great pleasure to see the Autumn colors while driving up Mt Charles…who would have guessed there was color in the Las Vegas area?


~ by Tammy on October 23, 2011.

16 Responses to “Pleasure”

  1. Nice not rest along the road and enjoy nature.

  2. That the rest I meant…

  3. I’ve got the Talking Heads “Road to Nowhere” in my head now. Pretty!

  4. Beautiful autumn scene.

  5. Great pleasure and great colors!

  6. Not to mention the city lights.

  7. I like this sort of colour that’s generated au naturel.

  8. I thought the only colour that mattered to Vegas was GOLD!!
    My wife is off to visit it in a few weeks….GOD help her!

  9. Beautiful colors–love the swirl of the highway.

  10. Been there quite a few times. My brother lives in town and I’ve been here and Red Rock, LOVE IT!

  11. I knew there had to be more to Vegas than just the bright lights and the ka-ching of money! Thanks for showing this view.

  12. Beautiful autumn colours.

  13. Great color and a fine road shot. Isn’t it surprising how elevation changes everything there.

  14. Hi Tammy,
    What a beautiful view! All the colors are pretty. Have a great day!


  15. One of my favorite places and you’ve captured the colors well.

  16. wow, gorgeous shot, like out of a movie!

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