High Contrast

It was such a contrast going from the heat of the desert at Lake Mead to 58 degrees and snow on the top of Mt Charles (about a 45 minute drive).  I would have never guessed there was a ski slope on a mountain that sits in the desert.


~ by Tammy on October 22, 2011.

12 Responses to “High Contrast”

  1. Is High Contrast anywhere near the High Sierras or the High Chapparel perhaps?

  2. Magnificent scene!

  3. I love summer & fall ski slope shots….gets me excited for what lies ahead!

    Wonder array of colors here.

  4. Beautiful shot. Love the different textures and colors 🙂

  5. Love the scene, there is contrast in the colors, too.

  6. High contrast in more ways than one 🙂 love the scene.

  7. This is beautiful Tammy.
    It looks so serene.

  8. Gorgeous and I like the orange path leading partway up the mountain.

  9. Great theme matching….not what I would have expected and that’s GOOD!

  10. That must be quite a scary ski slope judging by all those trees on the way down.

  11. Beautifully exposed–the sky is crisp and blue, but we can see all the details on the mountain.

  12. Very lovely scene, Tammy! The orange ski-run and the brighter green trees at the bottom really make your photo.

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