~ by Tammy on October 14, 2011.

20 Responses to “Athletic”

  1. Awesome capture Tammy!

  2. Love the silhouette of the skateboarder framed naturally by the beautifully textured tunnel.

  3. Tammy is this athlete one of your boys?

  4. Stunning image, very well captured. I love the texture and colours of the old arch and the green and sunshine you can spot at the end behind the scateboarder’s silhouette.

  5. Action, Framing, Grunge, Texture and perfect composition. This shot has it all! Great!

  6. Very, very nice Tammy.

  7. Just full of energy. Great composition with the silhouette framed by the tunnel.

  8. Great shot Tammy… nailed it!

  9. Fantastic energy in this shot and you’ve framed it perfectly.

  10. Very cool!!! You always have such creative ideas!

  11. wonderful…love it

  12. Quite the cool pose that you captured, and it looks great as a silhouette. I take it this boarder likes to hear himself take air, which is why he chose this spot in the tunnel to do so?

  13. Energy plus!

  14. Super capture..great timing. I love the brickwork detail around the tunnel entrance…the perfect detailed frame for a simple silhouette.

  15. Absolutely great, a very well done capture at the right moment!


  17. a great composition! I really love old bricks and the black “creature” look great in the middle 🙂

  18. What a neat shot this is Tammy!

  19. Just a great shot!!!!

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