Natural Framing

I love how the trees framed the leaves that were glistening in the sun light and that wonderful view…

~ by Tammy on October 13, 2011.

13 Responses to “Natural Framing”

  1. Totally love the Business of this.

  2. Fantastic autumn image, love the colours and the framing.

  3. The golden autumn leaves framed by the trees and the scene in the distance speaks of a wonderful fall outing.

  4. Beautiful view through that natural frame. Nice work!

  5. Natural framing indeed Tammy!
    This is beautiful.
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  6. I really love this slanted framing, especially with the pop of bright green leaves in the middle.

  7. Lovely contrast of colours between the tree trunks and the carpet of leaves.

  8. Interesting shot with the leaning trees.
    Very nicely framed.

  9. The trees have a certain subtle energy.

  10. Very cool shot!

  11. Too much wind here? Cool photo!

    Ellen and I felt like you yesterday…we spent the afternoon at a zoo! 😀

  12. awesome static and motion rolled into one!

  13. perfect for the theme and the processing mede me think of a watercolor

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