Oh, when the party is over!   Last Thursday was my turn to host our women who wine group….58 gals showed up and we celebrated everything from some birthdays to some anniversaries to a divorce.  We also did some serious whining!  🙂  For those who are wondering, there is still tons of wine left over…what do you say we start our own group?


~ by Tammy on October 1, 2011.

17 Responses to “Beverages”

  1. Hi Tammy,
    Sounds like you had a houseful. And lots of fun. Have a great day!


  2. Good Lord 🙂 58 women in the same room, loud was it :-). I like wine but unfortunately my stomach has started to object to me drinking it, gives me a right heartburn these days 😦 but I could join the group anyway just for the laugh 🙂
    Great image!

  3. Love the processing of the picture, that underlines the beautiful story told by you.

  4. Fifty-eiight wining women in one place must have made for a good time. Love the processing and I’ll take a bubbly with blueberries please.

  5. Love it Tammy….good for you, kick up the heels and let loose. Nice capture and processing as usual.

  6. I couldn’t handle 58 people in my house – even if I had the space! Do you guys get a little bus to drive everybody home? Looks like a good party!

  7. Sounds like a bash! Love how you processed this!

  8. 58 women and no men?????
    What’s up with that?
    If there’s any wine left send my your address and invite the 58 back and we’ll party!
    Have to bring my wife though… 😦

  9. Wow! I had no idea your group was that large! That’s awesome Tammy! I love the composition of this one…did I tell you that my kitchen is wine themed? We may have to talk about this one 🙂

  10. I wanna “wine”! Love this photo–the processing is perfectly balanced, subtle desaturation with punctuations of color.

  11. That is a lot of women wining, sounds like a blast! I love your processing too, the pops of color, especially the candles reflected and that cool faded edge are really effective.

  12. Sally says “Count her IN”! If there is any fun in photographing a bunch of drunken Chicks can I count as an honourary Old Boiler TOO LOL?

  13. Nothing like a wine and a few girls to share some laughs with.

  14. Must have been a helluva party — at least you remained sober enogh to make a fine capture. Nice vignetting!

  15. Sounds REAL good to me!!

  16. My kind of party, except for the left over wine! And the fact I would need some men in the group so as not to be estrogen challenged.

  17. I really like this image Tammy, the white vignette and the colour bits with mostly B&W is really appealing. Wish I had been there!!

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