Best Friends

We had a big weekend of Homecoming activities…and lots of pictures!


~ by Tammy on September 26, 2011.

14 Responses to “Best Friends”

  1. Lots of pictures of lots of very nice, good looking people!

  2. Dapper Dan and Co!

  3. very handsome group….

  4. What colorful ties they have:-) Nice pictures on them.

  5. Oh to be young again…. not! But a very handsome group!!!

  6. A very handsome group.

  7. Tammy, what a wonderful group. Great job!!!!

  8. Saw some of these on FB – great shots!!

  9. Great pictures of a wonderful time in their lives.

  10. Lovely family/group shots and it shows the togetherness of everyone

  11. I remember when my son was this age, and how “all grown up” he looked when he had to wear a suit and tie for homecoming, and then a tux for prom. These are great photos Tammy. I hope everyone had a fantastic time!

  12. Handsome AND Dapper! Just love the excitement of Homecoming weekend.

  13. The happiness of the occasion really shows on the faces of all pictured. Great portraits!

  14. Love the sorta shy, sorta proud look boys have when they get spiffed up.

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