261. Welcoming Committee

This guy was the Welcoming Committee for the zoo’s aquarium….He looked like he was screaming a huge “HI” out to all the spectators.

~ by Tammy on September 21, 2011.

11 Responses to “261. Welcoming Committee”

  1. Looks like a Dog Fish! They always want to be Tammy’s best friend!

  2. It’s absolutely stunning, like this shot! A new favorite!

  3. That is a cool fish! What is it called?

  4. It is so hard to photograph through glass and this is perfectly exposed and composed.

  5. A face only a mother could love…nice one Tammy

  6. WOW……well all I can say is this is to fish what Pugs are to dogs!!!
    Don’t misunderstand that…my son has an adorable Pug…..but it’s ……UGLY!!!!

  7. Great capture, doesn’t even look like there’s any water or glass involved!

  8. The best aquarium shot I have ever seen. It looks like you were in the tank!

  9. What a little cutie!
    Great shot Tammy!

  10. Love this one, it was a real eye teaser!

  11. Well done working around the problems of shooting through the aquarium glass. Interesting looking fish.

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