260. Mouth Watering

Any guesses on who thinks this acorn is mouth watering??





And….if you guessed this guy, you were RIGHT!


~ by Tammy on September 20, 2011.

15 Responses to “260. Mouth Watering”

  1. He does seem very happy with his treat.

  2. Oh my goodness, I can truly say that I’ve never seen anything like this Tammy! Over-the-top wonderful! You really nailed this one my friend!

  3. I was going to stick my neck out and guess that but only a limited number of vertebrae! Gorgeous.

  4. Great capture Tammy….my grandson is scared to death of giraffes.

  5. I love everything about the first shot, not cropped correct?

  6. Oh my goodness!! What an awesome picture!

  7. That’s absolutely great, especially the close up! Great shot!

  8. I hear KISS is looking for a new singer…..think he’s up to it?…..it probably pays LOTS of acorns.

  9. Very good shot, and I did actually guess Giraffe even before seeing the next shot, promise 🙂

  10. Like Ron’s comment! I knew giraffes had long tongues! Gene Simmons would be jealous! Great shot.

  11. Great catch of a hands on experience!

  12. This is brilliant! You should enter this in a contest!

  13. Of all your outstanding zoo shots the close up is at or near the top, such great bokeh too.

  14. I love your top close-up with all the details of facial hair, fuzzy lips and bokeh.

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