Weekly Challenges

Macro Monday:  Tomato Hornworm

Now I know why all the leaves disappeared on my tomato plant…

The Creative Exchange:  Here’s looking at you kid!

I am in love w/ this little alien face, he sure kept an eye on me!  Funny the different faces we can find if we only open our eyes!

Today’s Flower

A little different perspective


~ by Tammy on September 12, 2011.

33 Responses to “Weekly Challenges”

  1. Ack! I am terrified of those praying mantises! Holy cow, scared me to death this morning! LOL! I love love the flower though! The composition is fabulous! Don’t know why I love the backs of flowers so much. 🙂

  2. Oh that is cool!! I am okey with praying mantis but the one that crawls makes me feel itchy ^_^

    The Toy

  3. Way cool details on the horned tomato worm! RIP for your tomato plant.
    Happy Monday

  4. Wow…wonderful shots!

  5. Hi Tammy,
    Awesome pictures! Love that “alien face” shot. Have a great day!


  6. Yikes . . . the creepy crawly and a alien face! Great details on all and I totally love the flower.

  7. Cool shots! I have lots of praying mantes in my garden. They look very different at different stages.

  8. Awesome, exiting, strange, love the creature, too. Love all of these pictures!

  9. Gorgeous shots. Good work.

  10. These 3 photos were so interesting to look at – brilliant capture of the praying mantis, although I’m kind of pleased I’m seeing it from a distance far greater than a camera lens!

  11. These really made me squirm in my chair, nice job! I don’t like bugs that big 😉

  12. Wonderful shotls

  13. excellent macros!

  14. Excellent macros! Beautiful textures on the hornworm!

  15. What a neat shot this is Tammy!
    You have captured some fantastic detail.

  16. Definitely a little alien face, and an adorable one too!
    Great shots Tammy.
    Love those flowers against the white background.

    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great evening!


  17. Love the top two, Smellie Muncher and Smellie Muncher Muncher.

  18. Ack! I am so glad I don’t have those tomato worms. The preying mantis is very cool with an alien triangle head. He is definitely keeping an eye on you! I love the composition of those flowers – and they look great against the white background.

  19. Nice capture Tammy, so detail!!!

  20. Great shots Tammy….gotta love those bugs and the important work they do!……kidding

  21. That praying mantis shot is awesome!

  22. Terrific bug shots. You’ve got a fine, steady hand. Interesting idea to shoot the flowers from underneath – the picture turned out great.

  23. Your first and last image in this post I liked best. Great shot Tammy. The image of caterpillar was best.

  24. Wonderful shots!

  25. Hornworms are why we have no tomatoes again! Love love the praying mantis close-up.

  26. Even though I’m creeped out by the worm and mantis, I can still appreciate your talent!

  27. Excellent photos!

  28. A fabulous image. The details are amazing.

  29. The first picture I like the most. Great colours and bokeh!

  30. You certainly have a well colonized garden! Love the top shot of the tomato worm.

  31. Geez Tammy, I am in awe of that Praying Mantis – is that what the alien face is? One wonderful capture, I only wish we had them here. I love this alien!!

  32. I love the mantis too, and that is amazing detail on the horn worm. Perfect shot of the flowers with the white b/g making them pop all the more.

  33. Great macros! Wish we had the praying mantis here…would love to photograph one.

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