252. Doors

I think I have this theme well covered!  🙂   I am trying to figure out HDR so I went out with no composition in mind, just trying to get a -2,0,+2 AEB to run in photomatix.  After I tonemapped it, I brought in into PSE9 and finished out the processing.  Ok all you HDR experts (Steve, Mike, Ron, Sheila, & Karen to name a few)….let the critiques fly (I don’t know why I am not catching on to this easier, but darn, I am going to get it)!  🙂

~ by Tammy on September 9, 2011.

17 Responses to “252. Doors”

  1. I think it looks awesome! I struggle with getting HDR greens to look realistic. Nice!

    • Val,
      The key to greens is actually the yellows! Believe it or not, 99% of the time I have to desaturate the yellows to make the greens more realistic.

  2. I’m far from expert Tammy, but I think it looks very realistic.

  3. Tammy, I like it and I’m not an expert either – I still have so much to learn. I do love the roof and I’m guessing not seeing the originals that HDR brought out the light blue trim on the windows and doors. I would also guess that it made the red jump on the handrail. Keep at it — it’s fun!

  4. I am not an expert, but, of course, I think you have got it!

  5. Hi Tammy,
    I’m not an expert and don’t really understand this HDR stuff, but this is so realistic looking. I fell like I could reach right in and touch the door. Have a great day!


  6. I’m no expert on HDR but I like this one. I’ve only tried the HDR filters in Topaz so far.

  7. Your image Tammy is wonderful. If this is your first attempt at HDR, then you are well on your way. You now know I am a morning, evening HDR photographer. Keep experimenting, keeping tweaking, until one day is hits. You will know when that day is here, you are so very close now.

  8. I like the sot but should not have been included in that group of luminaries above. As I also am struggling to understand it. One suggestion though is step back a bit to leave a little Negative space around the building and try it with a cloud or two in the sky. Most of Mikes great shots include clouds. And try -2.9, -1.0, +1.0 and +2.0 AEB (and remember to only include one regular exposure shot as two the same confuses Photomatix -(and me for a while))

    • lol ron, I did that too! 🙂 You have inspired me to try this technique again, I have been impressed with your first tries! 🙂

  9. HDR is fun. It looks like as a drawing. But you should edit your image little more. I see halo-effects above the roof and around the trees. You should alsp edit the shadows and highlights.

    • thanks so much for the tips Leif…I have tried and tried and can not get rid of that haloing….I am going to try a different image to see if that one works. Appreciate all your suggestions!!

  10. I just started experimenting with HDR using merge to HDR pro in CS5. HDR works wonders taking photos in a room with windows.

  11. I think this is wonderful Tammy. I know this is supposed to be pretty easy to do, but I struggle horribly with it. I never know how much or how little. Then I just give up for awhile, but I always go back to it!!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Of course you used a tripod to take the 3 shots.
    Try experimenting with +1,0 and -1 stop as well….sometimes the contrast difference on high contrast days is too much for 2 over.
    I’m not at all very experienced and I use Dynamic Photo HDR as well as Photomatic so some things are inherently different.
    I suspect the blue cast MIGHT be a result of the processing AFTER the HDR software…but you would know for sure.
    In any case it’s quite stunning and I’m finding the more I play and tweak it the better it gets.
    From the slightly overexposed look I’d guess you could have set the base exposure down 1 and then -2 and +2 so it might end up as -3,-1 and =1…..hope that doesn’t confuse you.
    Personally I like it most on the EXTREME high contrast pictures…but maybe that’s just me.
    I’m not an expert by any means but here I hope we can all help each other.

  13. This has come out looking very natural, and as I know nothing about HDR I don’t feel all that qualified to comment, but sometimes I think people get carried away with their images and the results look more real than real, if you know what I mean. Of course that could be what they were aiming for….in the end it’s whatever makes you happy.

  14. Looks quite realistic and not overdone. Guess if the details still need some tweaking, then it will only require more practice. Since I don’t do HDR, I don’t have any tips. Only you know if the results meet your expectations and remember it’s an art and practice does make perfect!

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