246. Garbage

My seller found this in a trash can…just goes to show somebody’s trash is another’s treasure!  This is the sewing machine in which the Singer Trademark came from a few days ago.  I processed it using the new Topaz Black and White Filter.


~ by Tammy on September 3, 2011.

25 Responses to “246. Garbage”

  1. That is soooo cool Tammy, Someone did not know what they were doing throwing this out. Good for you, the processing is off the chain awesome!!

  2. Great image, love the processing. It makes me want to get that new Topaz filter too, was it expensive?

  3. Love your image of a real treasure!

  4. I like the processing. I might have to do a trial of the B&W ….

  5. Great processing! Love the effects of that Topaz filter.

  6. Man! How come sewing machines aren’t made to be beautiful like this anymore? This is great!

  7. What a beautiful machine! I hope someone salvaged it.

    Nice photo – I keep getting emails about Topaz B&W. May have to give in, seeing your shot…

  8. Hi Tammy,
    I have a couple old singer’s myself. It always amazes me the stuff people throw in the trash. Have a great day!


  9. Creative picture of a very nice antique.

  10. You have made the old sewing machine into a work of art.

  11. Beautiful but (Trashed) treasure deserves to have the colour restored to it’s life.

  12. My grandmother had one very much like that. She had been a seamstress to the wealthy of New York City, including Teddy Roosevelt’s family. She made nearly all our dresses when we were little. And my Barbie doll had a couture wardrobe, including a genuine mink stole made from a scrap of fur she had saved.

    • Wow, Teddy Rossevelt’s family?? Very cool! I bet your Barbie was the trendsetter of all of your friends! 🙂

  13. Lovely shot beautifully enhanced with the B/W effect.

  14. Wow! That is amazing! Lucky you! The processing is fantastic!

  15. I really love that it’s not strictly black and white but still retains a hint of colour.

  16. I must know where this trash can is! Gorgeous machine and image!

  17. A treasure!
    I love your processing 🙂

  18. Those old belt drives are just so cool. Great processing to bring out the old time feel. It is amazing what people toss. Probably why I remain in the sanitation field so that I can rescue items!

  19. Garbage????? This is beautiful and so full of history. Kudos to you for saving it!

  20. What a find! interesting look at the new topaz B&W

  21. Topaz needs to put you on their sales team because you just sold me.

  22. Yours has more flowers on it than mine does!!!!!
    This is a beauty Tammy, and truly a treasure.

  23. a great find!

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