240. Retro

Anyone remember these old light switches?


~ by Tammy on August 28, 2011.

23 Responses to “240. Retro”

  1. Yes! I haven’t seen those in years. My grandparents’ home had them throughout the house. I wonder if my cousin has kept them in place… The photo evokes such wonderful childhood memories.

  2. Oh my do I!!! Where did you find this???

    • I listed a 1932 old farmhouse that has been renovated…they tried to keep the old charm of the house and had all the old fixtures. I thought this was very cool…my grandma and grandpa’s house used to have these switches through out.

  3. Wow – yes! One house I lived in (1857 farm house) had switches like these that were gradually replaced as the house was remodeled.

  4. Gosh, I remember using these…Yikes, I might be too old. Wonderful!!

  5. … must be very, very old.

  6. The house must have an authentic retro feel to it, but I would miss the dimmer switch.

  7. Nice capture. I have never seen this type before, not sure they ever came to Sweden….

  8. I am happy to say that I don’t remember these! How do they even work?

  9. No! I must be younger than you (And I’m ancient) LOL Love the patina!

  10. Nice idea Tammy.
    I too remember seeing these at my Grandmother’s house a long time ago.

  11. Well yes, of course I remember them. We had them in the house I grew up …. uh, no. No I don’t remember them. 😉

  12. Wow! They used to have those in one of the buildings I worked at in downtown Raleigh. I hated that job! LOL! But made one of the best friends in my life there. Thanks for the memory my friend!

  13. Nope! These were before my time so thanks for making me feel slightly younger today!

  14. They’ve even got a few layers of paint to prove their age:)

  15. We still have one in our upstairs hallway! Our house was built sometime around 1910…not sure when that was put in, but it’s still working. We did have to replace the matching one at the bottom of the stairs.

  16. These are great. I haven’t seen them before. Nice processing as well.

  17. I really have never seen light switches like that before. A cool shot.

  18. I was expecting to see a candle and a box of matches, would have predated this light switch by a few years….

  19. I’ve never seen light switches like these (must be a wee bit before my time.)

  20. My grandmother’s house had these I think. I know I have seen them before in old houses in Worcester.

  21. Great texture and tones in the many layers of paint and years.

  22. I wondered if that was in a house you were trying to sell – thank goodness you included the word “renovated” in your description. Cool shot for this theme and the bit of grunge is nice too.

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