232. Distant

This is the back of the Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood (this is where they filmed the movie “The Shining”.  In the distance you can see Mt Jefferson and another volcano head, but not sure what it is called.

~ by Tammy on August 21, 2011.

18 Responses to “232. Distant”

  1. Great images of your trip to Oregon Tammy. You have outdone yourself with stinning landscapes and vistas. It always amazes me how beautiful our country is!

  2. I fully agree with Sheila, love all of your pictures, too. You have a great eye capturing the most beautiful scenes.

  3. The Shining was here? I thought it was in Colorado? Regardless, this is a stunning view!!

  4. Great double duty pic – famous mountain and famous lodge!

  5. Val, this is where they filmed the Jack Nicholson version (but the movie is based off of the hotel in Estes)

  6. Wow, what great view behind the building. Stunning!

  7. A great movie. REDRUM! REDRUM! Scared the crap out of me. I like that you captured some people in front of the giant window to show the scale.

  8. Beautiful scene! The building in the foreground and the volcano in the distance seem to copy each others shape.

  9. Nice shot from a side of the property a lot of casual visitors miss. (The next mountain seen in the distance after Mt. Jefferson is Mt. Bachelor, south of Bend.)

  10. Wow, this is a great capture!!

  11. I would love to look out my room window and see this view of the mountain! Beautiful!

  12. Beautiful shot Tammy..I especially like the way the layers of hills fade into the distant mountains.
    The only little critique is the dead tree coming in picture bottom right…I’d like it gone please!…LOL

  13. What did Jack say when He came out to greet you? You have to feel sorry for Jack, he was harrassed by the Witches of Eastwick WoE and I know how he felt LOL. Great view too!

  14. 21 years ago when walking through the parking lot of Timberline Lodge my wife tripped in a pothole. We regret we didn’t file a lawsuit and would now be living on Easy Street. Thanks for serving up this memory, Tammy!

  15. Wow!

  16. Love the people for scale and love the layers in those mountains. Nice!

  17. What a majestic lodge and majestic backdrop to showcase it with all the layers and shades of blue.

  18. I like the tiny people for scale too in this fabulous shot.

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