Lady Gaga Fun

About a month ago, Lady Gaga was here in town filming her latest video for her song You and I (about her Nebraska guy).  They actually filmed the video about 5 miles from my house….do any of you recognize the barn in the video…one of my favorite photography subjects.  It was funny to see all the teens camping out along the dirt roads in the cornfields to get a glimpse of her.   There has been rumors flying around here and around the real estate community that she is building a house here.  The house is in Papillion and has 12 bedrms, a 10 car garage, and sits on 25 acres of land.   The county records has the owner of the land and house under a Springfield, NE couples name (where Lady Gaga’s boyfriend’s parents live)….who knows if the rumors are true or not, but we don’t see houses like that in our area.   She does come here a few times a year and is frequently spotted at our mall, the bowling alley, and the nightclubs.  I guess only time will tell, but if I hear anything I will let you all know….enjoy her Nebraska video (although it is kinda freaky) lol


~ by Tammy on August 16, 2011.

11 Responses to “Lady Gaga Fun”

  1. Now I know that I really am a LOT older than you Tammy! Lady GAGA Colour me a wreck (Either yours or mine) LOL

  2. Small world, eh?

  3. 25 acres is doeable, 12 bedrooms, not so much! How exciting to have the Ga doing a video in your backyard.

  4. GaGa in Nebraska? Who’d a thought!!!

  5. Thanks for the video of that great event!

  6. the link didn’t work . . . but I just wanted to see the barn anyway

  7. That’s pretty cool. (2see your barn in the video). I don’t thnk I would recognize Lady if I saw tho. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That’s really cool! I love Lady Gaga and I love that song, too. The video was vintage Gaga.

  9. I hope she runs into Warren Buffet at the DQ! Hope the rumors are true.

  10. Keep your camera handy! 🙂

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