227. Candles

Today I am taking a break from my vacation pictures to wish my MIL a Happy 65th Birthday.  We all traveled to North Platte this past weekend and threw a surprise party for her.  I think we actually all pulled it off….she was thrilled to death!  In case you are wondering, on her cake is the Grim Reaper saying “Relax I’m just here for the cake”!  🙂  Happy Birthday, Julie!



~ by Tammy on August 16, 2011.

18 Responses to “227. Candles”

  1. Fun photo to remember a special day.

  2. Love the cake idea! Circled you in Google+.

  3. Wow, great cake (and photo too).

  4. LOL I saw a balloon that said that same thing years ago and I loved it! Happy Birthday to your MIL! That cake is awesome!

  5. That is a very clever cake! Always fun to have a birthday surprise from loved ones.

  6. Your MIL is a very lucky lady to have her family surprise her for her birthday. Love the cake!

  7. cake looks great! your MIL is a lucky lady to have the love of her family.

  8. Fun with a birthday surprise 🙂 The cake looks delicious.

  9. What a great shot, and wonderful memory to have Tammy!


  10. Sounds like another fun family reunion!
    You will love CS5!!!!

  11. So wonderful a surprise. Happy birthday to your MIL.

  12. What a fun family! I’m an orphan, would you like to adopt, lol.

  13. What a wonderful surprise, thanks for sharing. P.S. I think your Wreck and my wreck are more suited friends.

  14. Nice capture and processing Tammy!!

  15. Great cake idea…..as long as she realized it WAS only kidding!

  16. She looks delighted–and I love the cake!

  17. Happy birthday, MIL! She’s young at 65. And since Paul Ryan hasn’t gotten to her yet she gets the social security and medicare she’s been paying into! Enjoy yourself!

  18. Happy Birthweek Julie! Fun shot of a woman who looks like a fun person.

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