223. Debris

Low tide really shows off the ocean’s floor…


~ by Tammy on August 12, 2011.

19 Responses to “223. Debris”

  1. It’s a wonderful picture, nearly no debris …

  2. Wow! This sure made for a beautiful shot Tammy.
    There is a wonderful softness about it, and the tones are really beautiful.

  3. What a great time you had in Oregon! Keep the pix coming! Great shot. With debris I would expect plastic junk and tires – that sort of thing. This is just regular ocean biology!

    • I know…but i needed a theme lol I am surprised the theme police Ron hasn’t stopped by and said anything yet lol

  4. Excellent shot. Looks very private.

  5. Oregon is beautiful! Love this scene.

  6. Put you hands against the camera and spread that tripod Lady! You are charged with a third degree misdemeanour, for incorrectly claiming a theme without any justification at all! THERE is NO DEBRIS there, it is just a lovely seascape shot and if you haven’t framed this and hung it on your wall, The visit by the International Committee for the Adherance to Themes will be the least of your worries, cause I’m sure the Good Taste Police will be right on their heels! Debris -Shebris!

  7. Got to love the low tide. You got all the important colors here, as well of a jewel of an exposed outcrop. That tree is vulnerable now, unlike when the water serves as a moat.

  8. I have never been to the Pacific coast, thank you for taking awesome photo’s and sharing them!

  9. This is a fantastic photo showing the harsh but beautiful conditions that exist at low tide. It’s like a twice-a-day revelation of a hidden world.

  10. Love how you captured that tree clinging to the side of that rock, I could spend hours fossicking along this beach.

  11. Wow … that tide is waaaaayyy out!

  12. Fantastic photo… I love the light and the colours.

  13. I think it is a lovely picture, debris or no debris.

  14. What great color in this. I love the trees clinging to those rocks.

  15. The sky, the clouds, and water. Everything about this photo is wonderful.

  16. Great colors and textures!

  17. Beautiful seascape with all those color gradations and the interesting foreground.

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