Weekly Challenges

Today’s Flower

(and butterfly)!  My butterfly bushes are blooming left and right….which is bringing many beautiful visitors!

218.  Macro Monday:  Seafood

These are mussels.  A group of mussels living together is called a mussel bed.  They are a important source of food for sea stars and other ocean fish.

219.  The Creative Exchange:  Music

While at Yaquina Head Nature Area we walked to an area called Cobblestone Beach.  The beach is made up of rocks which were formed by lava which went into the water. As the surf hits the rocks and rolls back into the ocean it makes a noise that sounds like music to me.  I called it the Musical beach.  Love the different sounds we can find in Nature if we listen carefully.

Here is a video of the water hitting the rocks.   Now you can hear the music too!  My husband did the video w/ our little Kodak Sport, he is kinda jumpy but it works lol

For more Creative Exchange entries head on over to Lisa Gordon’s Photography.


~ by Tammy on August 8, 2011.

31 Responses to “Weekly Challenges”

  1. oh my!!! where do I begin?
    The butterfly shot is beautiful – love how the wing is translucent and the white bloom shows through it.

    Love love love the cobblestones!

  2. I like this post. The top picture with the butterfly was a big shot. I also like de sound of the water against the stones at the beach.

  3. I never knew it was called a “mussel bed”. Waves crashing is always music to my ears.

  4. It’s true, nature is playing marvellous music! Love your picture as translation of music into a visual form.

  5. Hi Tammy,
    Beautiful shots! Love the music of the ocean. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!


  6. Well of course I love the butterfly/flower shot! Gorgeous! The video is awesome…it reminded me of one of those rain sticks. Very cool, thanks for sharing that with us!

  7. Oh…LOL…and I love the cobblestone shot and the lines in the mussel shot. 🙂

  8. What a beautiful composition! And the colours…I love them.

  9. And then the sounds from the ocean…you make me long for Portugal again 🙂

  10. Wow Tammy, this is wonderful!!! That sound is so relaxing. What a treat, and please do thank hubby for this!! I also love the mussels. such wonderful tones and textures in that photograph.

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great day!


  11. All three photos are wonderful! I did enjoy the sounds of the waves over the cobblestone beach.

  12. Thanks for including Today’s Flowers and sharing these wonderful photos and video. A lovely post!

  13. What type of bush is a butterfly bush? I thought they grew on a cattapillar bush!

  14. Nice capture Tammy!!!

  15. Wonderful shots of the butterfly, rocks and mussels, enjoyed the video too, those black rocks are incredible.

  16. They are so pretty and they taste delicious!

  17. That butterfly is ethereal. It’s so perfectly poised that one wonders how you could get it to pose that way. With the delicate blossom and the white background, it’s a living still life.

  18. The butterfly is so fabulous. There is such detail in that image.

  19. Beautiful photos!! Love the shot of the mussel bed!!

  20. Love the butterfly and mussels….dialup…….no video : (

  21. What a great post–a little of everything! Fabulous butterfly, and the mussels make an interesting and creative shot. Mickie 🙂

  22. Love the butterfly photo, so delicate. And the mussel entries are very interesting and creative.

  23. Great group of photos! The butterfly shot is lovely! Thanks for the video – I loved hearing the sound those waves make washing over the cobblestones. Nature’s music!

  24. What a great beach!

  25. Oh, it reminds me of staying at a friend’s house in Brighton when I was a child! There is a very stony beach there, which is also rather noisy .. and yet quite musical!

    Love the mussels!

  26. Love this butterfly!

  27. the white background really make the flower and butterfly stand out – great
    the rock beach brings me back to the islan Lanzarote where they have those lavabeaches and where we walked some years ago. The sound is really something as the water rolls out

  28. What a fabulous variety of photos!

  29. The butterfly on the flowers is beautiful. Your other shots are great too. I love your shots as guest host on Today’s Flowers this week.

  30. I especially enjoyed the top tulip on Today’s Flowers. Congrats on being Guest Friend there today. Beautiful work.

  31. Such a beautiful butterfly photo…wish I could get those butterfly bushes to survive here. Nice to have the creature pose so wonderfully for you!

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