216. Nautical

Well, I think this would be nautical…it helps the boats…   🙂   I have never seen a lighthouse before, so this view was a total thrill!


~ by Tammy on August 6, 2011.

25 Responses to “216. Nautical”

  1. very, very impressing!

  2. Hi Tammy,
    Awesome shot and lighthouse. I’m with you, I’ve never seen one either. I’d probably take lots and lots of pictures. Have a great day!


  3. I’ve always lived near the ocean (and hope I always do), so it’s strange to me that some people haven’t seen lighthouses in person. You’ve done a good job capturing their essence.

  4. Beautiful scene. We are blessed to have ten lighthouses in Door County. My bucket list includes a photo of each someday.

  5. Great lighthouse photos

  6. Haceta Head is one of my favorites Tammy. You captured it well.

  7. Beautiful capture Tammy

  8. The light’s good but the Cove’s a keeper.

  9. Love your composition in the top photo and the detailed view in the close up. I’ve never seen a lighthouse close up either.

  10. Looks like a painting!

  11. i’ve never seen lighthouses in person – your photos are like being there.

  12. Oh my goodness…I have a new favorite! That lighthouse is fabulous!

  13. You’ve never seen a lighthouse? Wow. I realize that makes sense, but–as someone who grew up on an island off the Atlantic coast–I was initially surprised. There’s something mythic about lighthouses. And you captured that, especially in the top photo.

  14. Glad you saw one of these, Tammy! They are getting harder to find. I really like the top photo and how you included the water in the foreground as well as the infinite horizon. Looks like a great day out on the coast!

  15. Great lighthouse…..and beautifully framed,You are so lucky to be able to see one.
    I’d have to travel a long way for one.

  16. Lovely, Tammy! I like the rough water in the foreground then the subtle colors in the land around the lighthouse and the calmer sea leading my eye on through the picture. There’s a painting feel to this one. I would print and frame it!

  17. I’m glad you got to see one Tammy — they are one of my most favorite things to see when at the ocean. You did a beautiful job of capturing this one. I seek them out no matter which coast we are on!

  18. Both of these shots are so painterly, beautiful! I’m so glad that lighthouses all have such different designs.

  19. So happy for you that you got to see a lighthouse, it’s hard to imagine that some people never get to see an ocean in their lifetimes.

  20. I have a definite “thing” for lighthouses, but living inland, we don’t see any, so this is a special treat! You have captured this one beautifully.

  21. These two pictures are definitely award winners. They are beautiful and they are expertly processed.

  22. Fantastic shots!

  23. great scenery on the first one. Is the lighthouse still working? We have some but the ones I regulary se (on Öland ofcourse;-) ) are just rememberance of times before technology

  24. Picture postcards! You never saw a lighthouse before… aren’t they cool. Nice shots of the mussels too! Yum.

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