215. Landscape

For some reason I really fell in love w/ this scene…loved the bright purple flowers and the steep diagonal line.

~ by Tammy on August 5, 2011.

21 Responses to “215. Landscape”

  1. yes, it has something exquisit

  2. Loved this on FB. What is that building?

  3. You fell in love with it because it’s beautiful!

  4. That’s a very cool shot – I like how the slope of the land lines up with the roof.

  5. I completely understand why you are taken with this scene. The geometric lines are beautiful here.

  6. I love the diagonal lines and the colors . . .

  7. Good eye for spotting this picture!!

  8. Ooh!!! I love it too! Purple’s my fave and well just look at those lines! How awesome!

  9. One of your best composed of the trip, and they are normally very good – Special.

  10. Wow, the flowers really pop this image

  11. This is cool. The diagonals and colors are very pleasing to the eyes.

  12. As others have mentioned, the matching diagonals of the roof and hillside are great!

  13. The drifts of color really make the white storage tank sparkle. I like how it’s nestled into the slope of that hill. Great capture!

  14. So pretty, love the colours and lines. Great shot.

  15. I understand your feelings for this view!

  16. Unique–almost an abstract. I can see the Impressionists falling in love with this scene and painting it.

  17. Pretty as a picture especially with that contrasting watertank.

  18. I can just echo all of the above! Hope this gets printed large.

  19. looks as the building is a bit buried. It has a wonderful roof. The composition is great and i understand your love of the scene 100% 🙂

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