213. Nature

Just South of Lincoln City (where we stayed) is another coastal town called Newport.   Yaquina Head’s Natural area is located just outside of Newport and shows off tons of birds and animals in their natural habitat.  I was amazed by the number of Murres (I thought they looked like penguins) that show up in this area to nest every year.  I could have watched these birds all day, but the boy’s were very anxious to move on!  At least I got a few (hundred) pics.  lol


Here are a few that are nesting….how cool is that?


~ by Tammy on August 4, 2011.

19 Responses to “213. Nature”

  1. They do look like penguins! How cool!

  2. The realtor in you must have been sickened at the sight of so little free space for rent or sale!

  3. It’s as marvellous as only nature can be!

  4. Isn’t the coast wonderful! East or west it doesn’t matter – they are both beautiful in their own way…..

  5. Jon would love these…

    • Just wish I could have gotten closer for a better picture…they were really amazing…there were like six rocks in the area just like this one!

  6. Wow, what a lot of them are. Did you count how many there were?:-) Nice shots.

  7. That’s a lot of birds! Cool picture.

  8. What a sight this must have been Tammy.
    Just phenomenal to see all of them in one place.
    Wonderful images!

  9. well that’s a crowded place 🙂

  10. this is a really cool shot. They DO look like penguins…and the nesting is very cool.

  11. That sure is a lot of birds all trying to be in the one spot!

  12. Hi Tammy,
    Awesome pictures! They do kind of look like penguins. That’s a lot of birds on the rocks. Have a great day!


  13. So many all in one place . . . they do look like penguins.

  14. Almost as many birds as there are tourists on the coast!

  15. WOW!!! The only place I’ve ever seen that is on TV specials narrated by David Attenborough.

  16. Amazing group of birds…bet there was lots of chattering too or were they quiet birds?

  17. Amazing!

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