210. Barren

This was taken the same time as the last post…I was just amazed how quiet mornings were on the beach…not a person in sight until 7:30AM!


~ by Tammy on August 2, 2011.

16 Responses to “210. Barren”

  1. I bet the bird was so happy…no humans. Nice job Tammy!!

  2. The colors are so soothing! I love this shot!

  3. Great perspective and colors in this one, Tammy! And the textures are fantastic. What a gorgeous scene!

  4. Never! Water means life! LOL Must be cause your from the Hinterland LOL

  5. Not barren so much as peaceful! (And WET.) Wish I could see water like that right now. Deep drought, miserably hot temps (111º today!), the only water I’m seeing today is the water standing in the yard from a broken water line. 😦 Not nearly so peaceful . . .

  6. the monotone look has a mystical look, love this one.

  7. Beautiful! How did you process this?

  8. The single gull adds to the atmosphere of loneliness. The lighting is spectacular. I’m wondering what this would look like in B&W?

  9. Love your picture and the single gull!

  10. This I would love to have on my wall. Perfect for a large print.

  11. Very beautiful Tammy!

  12. As a work of art. Lovely view.

  13. Being on an empty beach is truly one of the most wonderful things!
    What a beautiful image this is Tammy!

  14. fantastic sky, clouds and sea, they almost blend together. great color!

  15. A beautiful capture! Love the framing.

  16. Love how you’ve finished this scene with the framing. It is another gorgeous shore scene.

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