202. Metal

A metal bird and a real bird…how is that for contrast?  🙂    These super hot days are not getting along w/ my flower pots….poor flowers are dying fast….but this dove doesn’t seem to mind.


~ by Tammy on July 18, 2011.

16 Responses to “202. Metal”

  1. It’s a wonder the dove wasn’t scared off.

  2. The doves seem to like that bird…they hang out w/ him quite often…gotta wonder what they are thinking!

  3. How cute is that!?

  4. Ha! “One of these things is not like the other…..”. It’s been crazy hot here, too. My garden is looking pathetic.

  5. We have the heat wave too..not fit for man or beast. Guess someone close lost 60 head of fat steers because of the heat. Those doves are so photogenic.

  6. Awesome Tammy, I wonder what the real birds thought of his metal friend.

  7. What a neat shot Tammy!
    Love this one.

  8. Love it–the real bird looks a bit bemused at its zany counterpart.

  9. I’m imagining the dove having a long winded convesation with the metal bird before realizing it’s not real.

  10. Is that a second dove in the photo or a reflection of the one? The bluebird of happiness looks pretty content in the pot.

  11. despite of the hot days: It’s a cool shot!

  12. The doves seem to like their quiet companion. Great capture!

  13. Looks like he’s made friends!

  14. I am always amazed at your bird pics – you must spend a small fortune to attract so many different birds!

  15. The dove (or pigeon) looks like he fits right in with the metal bird.

  16. What a fun photo! Both birds are showing great patience!

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