200. Heavy

Through out the flooded areas there are heavy sandbags in place to try to keep the water out.  The little town of Missouri Valley, IA has sandbags throughout their town to prepare for the flood waters that could be coming.


I don’t think this McDonald’s drive thru is open any more…


~ by Tammy on July 16, 2011.

19 Responses to “200. Heavy”

  1. looking at these photo’s first thoughts were preparation for a war or invasion. after absorbing the images I realized that is exactly what this town is doing – reading for a war against water. my hopes, water looses.
    emotionally provoking, Tammy.

  2. It’s heavy in several ways. Hope the town could be well prepared!

  3. Hi Tammy,
    Devastating is the only word I can think of to describe this. I sure hope this little town recovers. Have a great day!


  4. Wow….this is so unreal. I hope their preparations prove helpful, should they be tested.

  5. Awesome capture Tammy!!

  6. So sad….even with all the determination of the people, Mother Nature seems to win and so many of these quaint small towns never have the resources to recover and of course, so much is irreplaceable.

  7. What really strikes me is the courage and preparedness of the people to have put all of that effort toward saving their town before the disaster arrives. Doorways to the businesses are still accessible, and people are still texting on their way to Subway, and life is going on. They have clearly done a lot to protect themselves when it would be so easy to just sit on the front porch and hope the water stayed away.

  8. How far away from you is this town? I love the look of it in the first photo – Centsible Clothing and the old theatre.

  9. Top disaster shots, hope it is all coming out well in the end.

  10. Hopefully all the heavy work will stop the flood waters from damaging this quaint town.

  11. Such a painful thing to see! A few years ago, we drive through Iowa just a few weeks after devastating flooding. It was so hard to drive past hollowed out storefronts, piles of sandbags, and bulldozers stolidly clearing away the remnants of people’s lives.

  12. The town looks well prepared, hope all their efforts pay off and the water damage is kept to a minimum.

  13. That’s serious flood protection! Imagine snow melt still being a threat in mid-July!

  14. Often times the anticipation is the worst. Hopefully all the hard work pays off and this picturesque town is spared major damage. At least photo #1 is picturesque.

  15. Looks like a nice town. I hope the hard work pays off, it is amazing to think that snow melt is still a problem, ski season just ended in the Cascades.

  16. I hope everyone is ok and that the water didn’t rise that high in that area.

  17. The weather is crazy this year and these are sure signs of it’s destructive nature. Right now, as in much of the country I sit, inside, as the temp gauge outside says 103. And boy, does it feel like it.

    Are these slight HDR or some other program, I like the look!

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