199. Disorder

The flooding around the Missouri River in both Omaha and Iowa has caused much disorder, tons of roads closed, many people displaced from their homes, and tons of farmland is under water.  It is quite the sight to see!    The 1st image is of Fort Calhoun,  one of our nuclear power plants.  This picture does not do the flooding justice, if you see it from the air it is completely surrounded by water, thank goodness it has been  shut down!   Our other nuclear power plant in Brownville is also surrounded by water…but they are claiming that both plants are safe.

~ by Tammy on July 15, 2011.

17 Responses to “199. Disorder”

  1. powerful images/strong people, God bless America

  2. Now you know what Brisbane and the surrounding areas endured, I Hope all are safe.

  3. I still shake my head at these images. Unreal….

  4. Hi Tammy,
    I’ve seen this on t.v. and looks so devastating. I can’t even imagine this happening here. I sure hope everything works out for all the folks there. Have a great day!


  5. hope, that all disorder will be well again!

  6. Nice capture Tammy!!

  7. Amazing how this doesn’t make the news by me. Plus, I’m often think about how sad it is that so many people get too much water while so many others get too little. Hope you all stay safe!

  8. “They” claim it is safe? I feel better! Seriously, notice how Fukushima is out of the news right now, yet it continues to release radiation? Or when the radiation levels rise so do the so called “safe” levels? There’s disorder brewing with this industry, that’s for sure. Thanks for posting these photos. I have heard stories on Fort Calhoun so it is nice to see an image.

    Hope you all stay high and dry.

  9. This is really scary Tammy, and so sad for those who have been affected by it. Hard to imagine so much water where it is not supposed to be. I am glad you are okay.

    Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

  10. I’ve seen some aerial shots, but your view is much more telling. It’s amazing to think of your flooding compared to the wilting I noticed in my garden tonight after a hot day.

  11. Wow, what devastation. Like Steven, ‘them’ saying it’s safe as they tiptoe away from it is of little comfort.

  12. I wonder if it’s the same “it’s safe” thinking that occurred on the Yellowstone river when they reopened the oil pipeline under the river that soon broke and is devastating the environment there. Hopefully not! Great documentary photos.

  13. This is very frightening! We can only pray that those in the know are being truthful when they say there is no danger. Hopefully the waters will recede quickly.

  14. Unsettling to say the least, these are sad testaments to the disaster that is out of the radar of this coast.

  15. I hope you and your family are staying safe!

  16. This is truly terrifying to see. And you’ve been having heat, too, haven’t you?

  17. Love how you documented this!

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