198. Sizzling Hot

Nothing like a sizzling hot hot tub on a sizzling hot day!  Needlas to say, they didn’t last long!   Sometimes you just have to let them get their way in order to tell them “I told you so”!  🙂


~ by Tammy on July 14, 2011.

13 Responses to “198. Sizzling Hot”

  1. they enjoyed then and I enjoy now! Love it.

  2. LoL, great capture.

  3. You got that right!
    And it works with so many things!! 🙂
    Great photo Tammy!

  4. Another great photo 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Probably made the air feel cooler! Sauna babies!! 😀

  6. We all learn from our mistakes, bet they don’t repeat this one!

  7. So this is how you thaw out in the winter months!!

  8. Love all those smiles!

  9. Love the kinda dubious look on the kid who’s standing.

  10. Nice capture Tammy!!

  11. the little guy standing looks cold lol.

  12. Nothing like a 102 degree spa to cool one down! Kids!

  13. The little guy standing up has a “this is a dumb idea but I’m not telling that to the older kids” look on his face! Fun shot and wise words about letting them learn on their own!

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