196. Softness

I just want to run my hands through his soft fuzzy hair!  🙂   I think he liked my camera – he even gave me a grin!

~ by Tammy on July 12, 2011.

16 Responses to “196. Softness”

  1. what a tactile moment it would be if you could run your fingers through the fur of this creature.
    great image!

  2. It does look like he posed for you. I can almost feel his fur through your pic. Love his little face.

  3. would like to know, what he may think

  4. Still marveling at your animal photography…

  5. Hi Tammy,
    He looks so cuddly. And your right about his fur. I’ll bet it’s soft too. Have a great day!


  6. Your model struck a cool pose. Love the look of the soft fur and his cute smiling face.

  7. Is he a cutie or what????
    Looks like he’s got the devil in his eyes too!
    What a fantastic shot Tammy!

  8. You just gotta love Gibbons, He’s a close relation of mine you jnow! And you to lady, he complained to me that you stole his “DO”!

  9. Soft–and what a soulful expression!

  10. He’s a great bundle of cuddle!

  11. Don’t you hate the real cute animals that have the reputation of wanting to rip your head off if given the chance? I have always thought my cats would have killed me many times over if they were simply bigger.

  12. My… what big eyes you have!

  13. So cute…..the details are so fine that I can just about feel the softness!

  14. Love his adorable little monkey face, there’s a softness in his eyes that’s so sweet.

  15. I love his mouth

  16. Your zoo photos are amazing Tammy! That face is precious!

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