187. Summer Fun

Yesterday we headed out to Louisville State Park for some fishing and swimming…it was a nice relaxing day…a perfect summer day, in fact!  Lots of summer fun going on!


~ by Tammy on July 3, 2011.

21 Responses to “187. Summer Fun”

  1. Oh so wonderful. We in winter climes really need shots like this, Thanks Witch LOL

  2. Looks like a fun day, and I love how the girl is wearing her floatie even though she’s no longer near the water

  3. Looks like good fun.

  4. Great shots Tammy. They really bring the beach to life.

  5. Perfect beach shot – love the low-down angle you got. Love the baby checking out the hole.

  6. I adore these shots, Tammy. The little girl with the pail and shovel and the dino floatie is my favorite. Thanks for sharing these…

  7. excellently done, love your pictures (as usual)!

  8. Great job Tammy!!

  9. Love the summer fun photos . . .

  10. Nothing like relaxing on the beach! Love the limited DOF.

  11. What fun! The image of the little girl wearing her fun flotation device while playing in the sand is the epitome of childhood fun in the sun. Sure wish I could go back to those days.

  12. I knew when I was posting my beach photos at the beginning of the year that there was going to be a payback from somewhere, children, sand and summer fun just go together so well.

  13. Oy, oy, oy … brings back memories of our three daughters when they were little –sigh– now, the grand kids live far away– sigh, again.

  14. Love the focal point in this!

  15. I love the could be anywhere feeling of shots such as your green bucket shot! The colors are great, just the right amount in focus and it screams summertime all over the place.

  16. A colorful plastic bucket in the sand…nothing speaks to summer better.

  17. LOVE this photograph Tammy!
    Perfect picture of summer.

  18. Perfect beach photos, Tammy… makes me want to go to the beach!

  19. Makes me want to go to the beach and dig in the sand! Love the pail photo!

  20. Beaches and Buckets – summer fun at it’s best!

  21. Love these, and wish we had a nice beach closeby. We have lots of water, just not the wonderful sandy beaches!

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