183. Critter

Ok, this guy is going to make me a liar!  This is for you Val!  Yesterday Val asked us over on facebook if the squirrels ever got into our container tomatoes….of course, I said no.  Well this morning look who I found silently sneaking over to the tomatoes…..no need for worry though,  my trusted squirrel guard dog Chloe saved the day and chased the squirrel away!  🙂


~ by Tammy on June 29, 2011.

13 Responses to “183. Critter”

  1. Wow! In your face! He has no idea what Chloe has in store for him 🙂

  2. my first tomatoes are ready today. If a squirrel goes near them, Stella, Jackson AND my super soaker watergun are going to war.

  3. Fine portrait of a squirrel. The U.S. is different than the Swedish squirrels

  4. poor squirrel, no tomatoes, no good meal, no peace, hmmm

  5. Oh no! We are planting our tomato today. I think I need to borrow Chole for the weekend! Woof!

  6. How can such a destructive critter be so cute! Great close-up . . .

  7. How great to have a squirrel dog…and some fresh tomatoes…this is a great close-up of a sometimes elusive subject!

  8. Tomatoes Shommatoes! That is such a gorgeous face.

  9. He is so cute, couldn’t you leave out one little tomato for him to feed his family?

  10. How could something so cute be so destructive?

  11. I’ve never been that Up close and Personal with a squirrel before. They are remarkably clever.

  12. Nice capture Tammy, I heard if you place water near your tomato, the squirrels will leave the tomatoes along, they are after the juice. I have not tried it yet.

  13. What a sweet little thing, but sure glad Chloe saved your tomatoes!!

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