182. Damaged

While looking for my car in a parking lot (yes, I always seem to loose my car) I came across this.   Now I have seen key jobs, but never one like this!


~ by Tammy on June 29, 2011.

18 Responses to “182. Damaged”

  1. oh, noooooooo!

  2. Wow…bet they were not happy to find that! (and I lose my car all the time too!) 🙂

  3. Hi Tammy,
    I loose my car all the time. Now I have something sitting in my front dash so I can find it. It’s a Beany Baby. Hopefully this guy’s insurance will pay to fix this. That was not a nice thing to do. Have a great day!


  4. Oh my……someone’s mama is not happy!!

  5. A bugging artist who needs a better canvas . . .

  6. I wonder if it was a small family member practicing his artistic talents? Bet there was some time-out!

  7. I’d shop elsewhere, but it must be a Girl thing as Sally won’t shop at Chermside (a shopping Centre -HUGE) for fear of never finding the car.

  8. Ooooh…… this is bad! Such a great catch, but sooooo bad!

  9. That’s just plain nasty.

  10. I hope whoever did that didn’t get away with it.

  11. Oooo, someone must be pretty unhappy 😦

  12. Wow. I wonder what the story of this might be; custody dispute?

    You need a big, ugly colored car, Tammy. I never lost my orange VW van in a parking lot.

  13. oh, Tammy…..you can be happy cause ONLY your car was drawed…
    Don´t you have alarm? My hubby doesn´t live without one.
    But just tell me…did you take the photo in the parking or at home?
    nice day

  14. Oh, some kid is in trouble 🙂

  15. Yikes!

  16. I swear I was nowhere near Ron’s car….honest!!

  17. Yikes! crude and creepy

  18. Yikes! I wonder if that was the owner’s tyke that decided to add some artwork to the car.

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