181. Snack or Treat

Enjoying a mid afternoon snack…


~ by Tammy on June 28, 2011.

14 Responses to “181. Snack or Treat”

  1. Nice shots! Are those with the 60D?

  2. Superb close up!

  3. Great birdie shots!!! I love gold finches!

  4. So pretty, the birdlife around you is so diverse.

  5. And the Finch didn’t Flinch an Inch, you mustn’t be scary. Love this so clear.

  6. Awww, he is just precious Tammy!
    What fantastic shots you got here!

  7. I’d prefer a chocolate chip cookie myself!

  8. I like the crumbs around the beak. He’s a normal bird! That’s our state bird, and I don’t see many of them.

  9. I wish your photos showed EXIF data, because I can’t even come close to this on my 60D (*yet!). Can you share them?

  10. you are a bird-lover, and so am I! Love these shots!

  11. Love the crumbs around his beak! These are awesome captures.

  12. Awesome! How close (or far away) is your feeder? Looks like a great spot for bird captures.

  13. So sharp! Great photo of a colorful bird.

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