178. Fly

For some reason this image has me singing

“Baby come fly away
Let me take you to another place
A place that you’ve never been before”

I hate when I get songs in my head and hum them all day (and so does my family)!


~ by Tammy on June 25, 2011.

20 Responses to “178. Fly”

  1. Great shot! I love how much detail you’ve captured – from the hair on his back to his big bug eyes.

  2. Fabulous detail. Love the water drops too!

  3. Who knew something so annoying could sport such beautiful colors? It still doesn’t make me hate them less! 😉

  4. Reminds me of…..hey look into my eyes. Nice capture Tammy!!

  5. I love your picture and the story … would be nice hearing you singing or humming or kind of this

  6. Wonderful detail and color. Now where did I put my swatter?

  7. So much color! I only see black ones in my kitchen. Great shot!

  8. I’ve seen that Movie too, just think – He used to be a scientist!

  9. Those eyes are creepy, but he is surprisingly colourful, must need to rinse out his mouth after that last %@&*# he landed on.

  10. What a fantastic macro Tammy.
    Wonderful detail.

  11. That fly is amazingly colorful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. We have lots of flies on the farm but they’re mostly black.Great details!


    After many years living together, with the children growing up and we thinking to live forever…he looked at my eyes and said me> IT´S TIME TO SAY GOOD BYE, GRACE

    So..I starged to fly awya, alonve..with no medicine to dry my tears…for a while, of course….
    nice day

  13. Well, it’s an excellent picture but YUCK! 😉

  14. Um…thanks for the earworm to go with this fly. Great colors!

  15. I’m not a bug-o-phobe, but I think flies are creepy.

  16. This is an amazing macro!!

  17. Our flies don’t have pretty red eyes like your flies. Hopefully it doesn’t have anything to do with that compromised nuclear plant in your state.

    • All of us Nebraskans are getting red eyes….wouldn’t that be a great Steven speilberg movie?? lol

  18. That is a colorful fly, you got such great detail.

  19. Stunning detail here. Love the colours too. Fantastic shot.

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