177. The Letter A

Wasn’t sure which I liked better so here is both….an A carved into a white birch (wonder what it stands for)….and an A on the top of an office building.


~ by Tammy on June 25, 2011.

16 Responses to “177. The Letter A”

  1. I like the building A best, only because it bothers me people notch trees. I liked you selective coloring of the A, and it looks like it is one fine building with many architectural details.

  2. The top one!

  3. very, very good, you can really read in the surroundings!

  4. Hi Tammy,
    I like the office building “A” the best. I really like the color of the “A”. It really stands out against the gray of the building. Have a great day!


  5. Great find! I like including more than one fulfillment of the theme.

  6. I like the office building. It a clever find, and the selective coloring is just subtle enough.

  7. I like both of them and I’m impressed with how good black and white works with textures.

  8. Love the selective coloring of the “A” in the architecture of the building.

  9. The first shot is a Letter “A” but the second is a sentence “A Office” but grammatically it should be “An Office” Nice moods on both!

  10. You’re certainly working your way through the alphabet, both good A’s for your report.

  11. Love that interesting building…the letter A always brings to mind that classic “The Scarlet Letter”.

  12. Like Steven, it bugs me when folks carve up trees, so I’ll have to go with A number two. Enjoyed all your letters so far! (Catching up on commenting)

  13. Both of these are nice shots for your “A”. Shame that somebody had to deface the tree though….

  14. What they said! You are seeing great letters

  15. Both are great images, but I think I prefer the building. 2 great theme fulfilments.

  16. I like them both – the first has such a nice fluid look and the second is so elegant and stately.

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