176. Joy

It gives Chloe and Bogy great joy to rip all of the cotton out of their stuffed snowball.  I swear I was upstairs just for moments and came down to a complete mess.  Look at their faces “But mom we didn’t do it”…..they learned that from the boys!  🙂

~ by Tammy on June 24, 2011.

14 Responses to “176. Joy”

  1. What sort of a Mother are you? To even suspect those angelic faces and then to slander your children as well. Lucky you were coming downstairs – Camera in hand. I love everyday Life shots.

  2. Such innocence . . . our granddog loved to see how fast she could remove the squeaker from her toys . . . her record was five minutes.

  3. Obviously, they didn’t do it.

  4. They have that ‘uh oh’ we’re in trouble’ look on their faces.

  5. Sounds like you’ve got a bunch of co-conspirators there….

  6. they had lots of fun, lots of fun, look so satisfied, it’s great!

  7. hehehe… look, Mom, now we have LOTS of snowballs 🙂

  8. If it’s fun do it! Boy, the doggy in the foreground (Bogey?) sure looks to have an almost human expression! Very interesting eyes.

  9. The carving is so cool!!!

  10. Loving those innocent faces Tammy!!
    Adorable shot!

  11. You have captured some great expressions here! An “oops, I don’t know how that happened” Funny!

  12. LOL that’s how my Cullen is. No toy is safe. He even takes down the indestructible ones 🙂 I love their little faces!

  13. Great expressions, since dogs are always in the moment they already are looking for new fun.

  14. An attempt at camoflage – if they spread enough cotton fluff you won’t see them amidst it all (as long as they keep their eyes closed!)

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