169. Blurred

I wasn’t always happy w/ my nature shots on the trip.   At dusk we ran into this coyote hunting on the rocky hills in the mountains.  It was fascinating watching him pounce and sometimes kill his target.  The combination of poor lighting and a fast moving coyote made this a hard picture to get (didn’t help I was extremely tired by this point of the day).  I was disappointed when I saw this blurred coyote, but then I thought hey, at least I got the picture!


~ by Tammy on June 20, 2011.

12 Responses to “169. Blurred”

  1. It shows that he’s on the move. 🙂 Great capture!

  2. The coyote may be blurred, but another theme is crossed off your list, and we get to share your adventures through the Rocky Mountains.

  3. Nature shots are tough, and I so envy those who do them well. I am definitely not one of those people. I’ve been fighting with bees on flowers lately, and even that is not working out!! 😦

  4. I take shots like that in broad daylight so don’t see anything wrong. I will however, take you to task on the use of the word “Tired”. Sally uses that word too but I have noticed that the level of the fluid in the wine bottle receeds as the word is used more and more. LOL

  5. I love how he almost blends in with the background, must be a stirring sight in the wild.

  6. Blurred or not, he still looks intimidating to me!

  7. Just that you SAW this was amazing! Coyotes are sly and stealthy. To have seen one in action–amazing!

  8. Not all photos will hang on gallery walls, but I like photos that tell a story best, and this went well with the tale of your day.

  9. seems to me the blurring fits well to the picture

  10. Steven is right, the story is the point. The coyote story is just about always a glimpse like this.

  11. Some creatures seem elusive, and at least you got a shot of what you wanted… I’ve not seen a coyote before, so I’m pleased you posted it.

  12. Usually the coyotes are gone before the photo can be framed in the viewfinder. Makes one really appreciate those “National Geographic” photos even more, knowing how many they had to shoot just to get ONE keeper. At least it will serve as a memory prompt for one of the scenes you saw on your vacation.

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