Happy Birthday, MOM!

A huge birthday wish going out to my mom for her big 6-5!   Happy Birthday, Mom, we all love you!


~ by Tammy on June 17, 2011.

12 Responses to “Happy Birthday, MOM!”

  1. Happy b-day, Tammy’s mom! Make time to nibble a sweet treat!

  2. Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Tammy’s Mom!

  4. all the best wishes from me, too!
    Love the wonderful birthday-flowers!

    Have a beautiful day!

    Gorgeous flower for her Tammy!

  6. Happy Birthday and many more!!

  7. Don’t yu know anything about women? It’s 21 and a few months. Is she a smelly love or is the photo in lieu of real flowers cause of the pollen allergy. Happy Birthday Tammy’s Mum.

  8. Happy birthday and a great shot too!

  9. Happy b-day from Portland too!

  10. 65 years young, Happy birthday to your Mum.

  11. All the same wishes (although belated) — and kudos on this photo. Such a natural bouquet (with nice bokeh).

  12. What a beautiful photo! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

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