165. Shades of Grey

The Clark’s Nutcracker is another high elevation bird…and another beggar!   This guy has a large pouch in it’s throat which is used to transport tons of seeds at a time.  This bird caught my eye because it was quite the ham while asking for handouts….which of course, we didn’t do!  But he was fun to watch!


~ by Tammy on June 17, 2011.

11 Responses to “165. Shades of Grey”

  1. Not wishing to breach Tchaikovsky’s copyright, but ain’t that Nutcracker Suite!

  2. Love that second shot, Tammy, because it shows the bird’s various shades of gray so well. Beautifully composed too.

  3. give the birdie some food, you meanie!

  4. Beautiful shades of grey!

  5. Every single feather is in sharp focus. Incredible! I love the top photo–lots of personality.

  6. Very pretty with the focus on the bird and bokeh background. An elegant appearing bird.

  7. Fabulous shots! Jon likes them too. 🙂

  8. You are certainly one of the most successful ‘bird whisperers’ I’ve seen! Great shots.

  9. I agree with Jackscrap! Very well done!

  10. Nice bird portraits. That is a bird that lives in our alpine regions too, and I agree with you in that they are kind of like seagulls in always looking for a handout.

  11. Wow! What do you do to get everything in nature to just sit and pose for you? I like how you have covered this theme without going gray scale.

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