164. Noisy

The Stellar’s Jay is a common resident of the foothills and the lower mountains.  There seemed to be tons of them around Cub Lake.  After a long and hard hike, we pulled out our picnic lunch (subway sandwiches) and began to eat.  The Stellar’s Jays seemed very interested and squaked and begged for food…one of them actually swooped down and tried to steal some chips.  I fell in love w/ their little eye brows and crown, and of course, those bright blue colors!


~ by Tammy on June 17, 2011.

17 Responses to “164. Noisy”

  1. Nice captures Tammy. I really like your bird shots.

  2. Jays are real characters and these are great shots. He must have been sitting pretty for you in hopes that you’d pay for his services in chips.

  3. may be noisy, but very beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! What a great capture!

  5. Hi Tammy,
    He’s a very handsome fellow. We must have his cousin here. They are Blue Jay’s and they are all blue and very noisy. Great shots for the theme. Have a great day!


  6. Great shots! Glad they didn’t snag your lunch!

  7. Such a beautiful Jay. He indeed has lots of character and you have captured it wonderfully!

  8. Must be all that time at the zoo, you are a critter Wizard (Sorry Witch) I love how he is sporting your “DO” too.

  9. 2 great shots here Tammy and that’s a pretty cool looking bird too!

  10. The color of him/her is fantastic!

  11. the second shot, in particular, shows off it’s unique color and form.

  12. I love these guys. They look like punk rocker birds … and the call is so harsh as to be unmistakable.

  13. How wonderful to be able to see such brightly blue coloured birds in the wild, you are just so amazing with your bird shots.

  14. Really nice. I especially like the side profile as we see all the shades of blue. This is one of the few colorful birds around here, and they are squawkers. They like to hop around on the gutters, teasing my cats into a cackling frenzy.

  15. Such punks, you captured it perfectly. They come and go here and don’t look so bright blue. I’m jealous, I’ve never gotten a good shot of one.

  16. Your bird shots are fantastic! Love the colouring on this fellow!

  17. Beautiful clear shots. You must be really close to get images like that.

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