163. Surface

On the surface of Cub Lake there were lily pads.  I thought they looked like hearts!


~ by Tammy on June 16, 2011.

14 Responses to “163. Surface”

  1. Apart from the tree types it could have been St Claire, Tasmania. Which is my way of sying it is beautiful.

  2. They DO look like hearts Tammy, and they look so wonderfully peaceful just floating there. Great photographs!

  3. They do look like hearts! Very pretty! I am loving your vacation photos! 🙂

  4. They do look like hearts. I like seeing the wider photo, too, to put them into context.

  5. Perhaps they represent the many hearts that have been lost/found there?

  6. Don’t you just love the various shades of green of all the trees and plants? Sure looks like you picked a great time to go west.

  7. my first thought was jellyfish because they have a sort of iridescence to them

  8. I love the Rockies!!!! Enjoying a virtual trip with you!

  9. how beautiful: swimming hearts!

  10. Floating hearts in the wilderness lake. The scene takes my breath away.

  11. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I wonder why the lily pads are gold rather than green?

    • You know, we wondered the same thing…we were thinking that maybe because it was so much colder there with the higher elevation??

  12. Yes, they look like hearts and really neat on the water’s surface reflections which give it a texture. The mountain lake is a scene to die for!

  13. awesome

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