161. Powerful

This is the waterfall the bighorn sheep were trying to cross.  What amazed us was the amount of water compared to last time we were at the park and how much faster it was flowing.  As the snow melts, all of this water ends up in the Platte River which goes through North Plate, NE (where my inlaws live)…..at this moment there are helicopters flying sandbags in to North Platte, they are saying that the whole town could flood along w/ the US’s central hub for the railroad.


~ by Tammy on June 15, 2011.

17 Responses to “161. Powerful”

  1. I hope they don’t suffer from floods , but the photo is nice. I like the silky water

  2. Beautiful shot. Sure hope North Platte can dodge the flood bullet!

  3. I do hope North Platte does not flood . . . the waterfall is beautiful where it is, but not where it shouldn’t be.

  4. It’s really cool that you get to see this place every year and enjoy all sorts of different conditions. I, too, hope the river doesn’t wreak too much havoc on North Platte.

  5. Excellent capture Tammy. Love the creamy effect on the water.

  6. Best wishes to those at risk of losing homes and livelihoods. Your photo captures the raw power very well.

  7. What a rush! I can hear it-all that snow you saw on higher ground melting, and the mist of it, and it would be SO cold! Incredible shot!

  8. This is wonderful Tammy!
    I love the way the light is falling on it and the wonderful softness.
    Beautifully captured.

  9. Fantastic photo. You really captured that water flow . I can see how it is gushng down

  10. Nice way to capture the water! Beautiful!

  11. Look at all that topsoil being moved to the plains. Can’t beat water for power.

  12. yes, water is so powerful, you show it very well with your picture!

  13. Great waterfall. I like the upright format who gives the powerfull scene of the running water. I’m glad you liked my new website http://leifhammar.se/

  14. I love waterfalls and this one really gets my vote.

  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous shot!!! So many little layers to this image. Hope you didn’t get your feet wet while snapping this!

  16. Wowser! Great flowing water photo. In reference to all the water flowing due to the mountain snows, the 2 Missouri river dams in SD have more water flowing from them now than Niagra Falls (due to those heavy snows in Montana) and the water is making its way down the Missouri to points south.

  17. A fantastic shot showing the power, as Val said this has fabulous layers in it.

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