160. Ultimate Thrill

I was thrilled to death when we spotted a group of bighorn sheep trying to cross the waterfall to get to Sheep Valley.  The sheep would put their hooves in the water and then pull them out.  They never did cross the waterfall and I am sure it is due to all of the melting snow and how fast the waters have become.  This is another first….I have never seen bighorn sheep in the wild let alone trying to cross a waterfall!

I am linking this to Misty’s favorite Photo of the Week challenge


~ by Tammy on June 15, 2011.

21 Responses to “160. Ultimate Thrill”

  1. So envious! I, too, have never seen bighorn sheep in the wild but would love to. Sounds like you had an unforgettable trip to Colorado! Thanks for sharing the highlights.

  2. it’s awesome!

  3. what a great find!

  4. That is a fabulous photo! The water is amazing!

  5. Love the rushing waterfall backdrop. Awesome!!

  6. Wonderful capture! The Bighorn sheep and the raging waterfall are awesome!

  7. Hi Tammy,
    Lucky you seeing those sheep. They are so awesome. I’ve only seen them on t.v. Have a great day!


  8. Inndeed this is an ultimate thrill.To me it is the capture of the waterfall!!! The Bighorn are pretty special too but I love the waterfall. I can hear it rush down the river.

  9. That is an amazing capture, Tammy. I wonder what they were trying to get to on the other side and I feel kinda bad for them. Did you offer them a lift?

  10. Once again–you are my absolute favorite nature photographer. That you even SAW this is cool–that you could have captured such a well exposed and well focused and (most of all) well composed is nothing short of amazing. WOW doesn’t begin to describe it.

  11. A fantastic photograph, and truly magnificent animals.

  12. Glorious, I can just see you leaping from Rock to crag and slope to scree, just to get this wonderful Photo.

  13. Awesome photo!

  14. What an amazing thing to see…and photograph!

  15. This is so fine! I wonder if the huge snow pack delaled ther trip.

  16. This is so fine! I wonder if the huge snow pack delayed ther trip.

  17. This is so fine! I wonder if the huge snow pack delayed their trip.

  18. Ooops not sure what happened- do delete all but the last…

  19. Wow! What else can I say.

  20. this is a wonderful shot, I’m enjoying your holiday very much, the views are great!

  21. Wonderful shot, and I bet it was a wonderful experience too.

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