158. Roadside

The day after we arrived at the park Trailridge Road (which goes up and over the mountain) finally opened to the top of the mountain (still could not get down the other side).  They had a late Spring snow storm which delayed the normal opening of the road (to the dismay of the towns on the other side of the mountain).  The whole road was open by time we left though….a few weeks behind schedule.   We drove up to the visitor’s center on the day it opened and encountered up to 22 ft of snow walls on the sides of the road…it snows here in NE but I have never seen snow walls this tall roadside.

As you probably can guess, Corey found the Alpine visitor center (and the bathrooms) closed…they plowed out the front of the entrance but the rest of the building was still buried in snow,  even the lookout on the side of the building were encased in snow up to the buildings roof.   Probably a sight we will never see again….it became very apparent why they close this road every winter!


~ by Tammy on June 14, 2011.

16 Responses to “158. Roadside”

  1. so much of snow, lots and lots and lots, it’s stunning, it’s overwhelming!

  2. Never again will I complain about a eight inch snowfall. Those snowwalls are enormous.

  3. Stunning Vista Glad I wasn’t there with you, who needs air that freezes, don’t care how fresh it was.

  4. Wow…I never want to see snow like that in person! Geez!

  5. One thing to see pics of this and a totally different feeling being there!
    Just read the snow is so deep skiing will continue through June.

  6. Hi Tammy,
    That’s an enormous amount of snow. I’ve seen anything like that. And I though 8 inches was a lot. Great shots. Have a great day!


  7. Enough with the snow already!!!!!!

  8. It looked like that here in January–but to see it in June is incredible!

  9. Good thing everything was built so sturdy so that it held up under that snowfall! Great photo documentation!

  10. That’s insanity. I would never survive in that climate

  11. Yikes!!

  12. Fascinating photos

  13. Oh my Goodness, that much snow in June!

  14. Never seen anything like that Tammy…..Incredible!

  15. Gosh that must have been an experience and a sight! I hope you had taken some warm clothes!

  16. Wow, this much snow in June! Does it ever clear there, or is there snow all year round? Fantastic images of a snow wall at the roadside.

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