Today’s Flower

Rocky Mountain National Park had tons of wild flowers in bloom….I fell in love with this one (about the size of my little finger)!   So cute!


~ by Tammy on June 13, 2011.

17 Responses to “Today’s Flower”

  1. Beautiful Tammy – what processing did you use?

    • I applied topaz adjust…mild setting….and then lowered the opacity to about 30 %….also adjusted levels and raised the saturation just a bit. That’s all.

  2. Fantastic!

  3. That is darling!

  4. I love it, too, think we have here similar flowers in early springtime.

  5. Gorgeous textures!

  6. I think it looks kinda like an anemone. Where is Ellen when you need her? 😉 But not matter what, it is lovely.

  7. Beautiful…and I am curious about the processing as well.

  8. ‘Drop-dead beautiful’!!! Love the detail, color, texture and spot focus! Outstanding image. I knew there was a good reason to follow your blog —

  9. lovely, so delicate.

  10. You know me and smellies, Hairy little critter, ain’t it? Sally thinks it is very pretty, must be a Girl Thing. LOL

  11. This is an amazing photograph Tammy!
    A truly beautiful flower, and one that I know I have not seen before.

  12. Exquisite detail!

  13. So delicate n pretty! Awesome shot.

  14. Beautiful! Love the detail!

  15. pretty little thing, love the fuzziez on it.

  16. Beautiful little crocus or may flower! Love your processing!

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