156. Seven

A family of seven….just love how mom kept an eye on the little ones!  How do I know it’s mom?   Just a hunch!

Awwwwwww……a close up of some of the chicks!


~ by Tammy on June 12, 2011.

13 Responses to “156. Seven”

  1. Love Mum leading the way and dad as tail end Charlie.

  2. I just want to say you one thing…I decided to follow your blog when I read a post and saw the photos of your family…
    Have a nice day

    Are you travelling or are u at home?

  3. Love your view of the geese…from the rear…rather than from the side. Super photos! I love how fuzzy the goslings are.

  4. Love the “behind” composition. They look so soft!

  5. Sweet! Great detail in the soft downy feathers of the goslings.

  6. of course, it’s mom, who else would look in that way at the young ones

  7. So cute! Great capture from an unusual angle.

  8. I like the composition here and unique angle…and how the mom is keeping them all in line.

  9. they are so sweet!

  10. They are just precious, and how lucky you were to be able to capture them (so beautifully)!!

  11. Love the close up–I feel like I could pick one up and nuzzle it.

  12. Soo sweet and great capture of the whole family.

  13. Simply wonderful shots! You captured the “fuzzy” nicely

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