155. Fear

While at a picnic area in RMNP, Ryan all of a sudden jumped up and yelled “BEAR, GET THE CAMERA”!   As I looked up there was a bear at a picnic table about 30 feet away….I saw Ryan make a dash for it and my heart stopped!  Thank goodness he was smart enough to stop!  Once the bear saw all of us he made a dash for the hills….I was surprised how fast he could move.  By the time I quit shaking he was about 50 yards away…that’s when I grabbed my camera (once I felt safe) lol


~ by Tammy on June 12, 2011.

25 Responses to “155. Fear”

  1. This is fabulous – and how funny that the first thought was to grab the camera rather than run away!

  2. Glad the scene played out safely. Great shots & no camera shake!

  3. Thank you for the shot I requested Tammy I am jealous but feelthat I would have reported the incident to the rangers, as to my intrained Eye the poor creature has a Mange mite infection on his right shoulder, which could cause he to come looking for a handout. FYI they have been clocked doing 57 MPH chasing Caribou and they maintainit for up to 3 miles. No human can outrun them. I expect you would swap for my Echidna sighting as it was in no-way scary. LOL I am Jealous. VTW any Puma? we don’t have Big Cats in Oz except in legend that is.

    • We did report it to the rangers….they want to know of any sightings of bears -especially in picnic areas….this is the time bears are really, really hungry lol Within reporting him, several rangers were on site….showed them my pics and they agreed it was a bear lol

    • Also, the only cats in the area I believe is the mountain lion…..never saw one though 😦

      • I’m glad the rangers propped up your confidence at animal shape recognition. I thought the local name for a mountain lion was a Puma. Could you go back there and wander about a bit to attract them out into the open please?

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Glad to hear you all had a good trip. I would have totally forgot the camera while running as fast as my wobbly knees would go. Have a great day!


  5. A true photographer at heart, Tammy! Looks like Ryan is getting the bug too. Does he ever take photos? I know you make them pose 🙂

    • Corey is my photographer! I told Ryan that if I he found a bear for me and I got a pic I would give him $25 bucks lol I never figured we would see a bear, guess I better pay up! Ryan just loves money! 🙂

  6. Glad you have something to remember this by. I had an experience with a bear trashing my campsite at Banff while my buddy and I were trapped in my tent. All I had to remember that by were the teeth marks in the ice chest!

  7. The shot of a lifetime! How wonderful!

  8. OMG Tammy, close call, awesome capture. I am glad the bear was more scared.

  9. seems to me as if it was really dangerous! But so great a scene!

  10. Wow! Beautiful shots and scary bear! Glad to have you back!

  11. Wow! That’s a fabulous shot. I would have been freaking out! Glad the bear went his own way 🙂

  12. Hilarious reaction! Not “Bear! Run!” like most people. Lol

  13. Woo hoo! Bear picture!! A fine one, at that!

  14. Am sure glad you didn’t end up as a bear snack! My grandson was just discussing bear safety as they are getting ready for some Boy Scout camping in a black bear area. Yikes!

  15. It is frightening enough just to see your photos and hear your telling of the incident. I’m glad I was safely at home!

  16. Way to close an encounter. . .glad you got the photo. . .I don’t think I could have held a camera steady after seeing a bear up close and personal.

  17. Oooo, this would have scared me half to death!
    Glad you were bale to get the photographs though.

  18. Not bad considering the way you must have been quaking!

  19. Hope you had your bear bells on! Envious of your shots! Last year in Yellowstone my son really wanted to see a bear. Apparently we just kept missing them *a mother and cubs)!

  20. What a thrill and a fine story. Those shots are treasures.

  21. Thanks for posting this, I dont think I have ever seen a bear photo so clear. How big was the creature?
    Great shot

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