154. Leading Lines

Love how the lookout leads us out to the blue water of Sprague Lake and the background mountains…..Sprague Lake sits at a lower elevations so NO snow!  🙂


~ by Tammy on June 11, 2011.

18 Responses to “154. Leading Lines”

  1. Gorgeous scenery and good example of leading lines. Really pretty.

  2. I love this one! So beautiful!

  3. The scenery is just awesome. What a blessing to have been there!

  4. not only leading, but inviting lines …

  5. This is a winner!! It takes your breath away!!

  6. Great capture! I would guess the water wasn’t that cold since there are fishermen standing in it but that is too much assumption. So blue!

    • Water was freezing cold….fishermen wearing insulated fishing gear! Although the cold water felt good to aching feet lol

  7. Beautiful photo. So refreshing. I also wondered about how cold the water was for those fishermen.

  8. That is gorgeous. I love how the lines take you over the lake and to the beautiful horizon.

  9. Absolutely perfect for the theme and a great shot — still lots of snow but not close enough to put you on the downward slope again!

  10. i remember seeing this lake on Kim’s 2009 blog and blog-lifted it. This is such a lovely photo of this lovely place.

  11. great!!!!

  12. Beautiful mountain scene…I can almost smell the crisp envigorating mountain air! Super composition too!

  13. Wow! That is some beautiful scenery. So glad it wasn’t ALL snow covered! I was worried.

  14. Fantastic scene and the composition with the leading lines makes it all the more fantastic.

  15. This is an amazing shot Tammy.
    Fantastic perspective, wonderful colors, and so beautifully serene!

  16. Amazing shot with wonderful colours, well done.

  17. Such a wonderful sight, and fabulous leading lines… they take my eyes straight to the mountains and trees

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