153. Motionless

Elk were coming down from the mountains to munch on about everything they could find…even the cabins and houses down in Estes Park.  This big guy must have been filled up, he laid not far from our cabin soaking up the sun for hours.


~ by Tammy on June 11, 2011.

16 Responses to “153. Motionless”

  1. oh look, this is great, being so near to an elk!

  2. He’s gorgeous. Those antlers are amazing.

  3. So close! How exciting! I’m looking forward to your Colorado pix. We moved from there over 20 years ago and still miss it.

  4. Excellent shot of this elusive animal!

  5. Love the Elk, but for this theme I was expecting to see a shot of you confronting a Black Bear face to face and reminding yourself that the best action is not to run! Can you go back abd get that shot pkease???

  6. Wow! You were really close to him! Great shot!

  7. So majestic!
    Fantastic capture of a skittish animal!

  8. Great capture Tammy!

  9. Excellent composition I especially like how the tree branches mimmic the spread of the antlers.

  10. Nice velvety antlers. They must have incredible neck muscles.

  11. How could you beat a better model!

  12. Lucky you to get so close to an elk for such a great photo. I love that velvet on the antlers. Bet he’s glad that spring is arriving!

  13. That thing look so enormous! I hope you shot this with a nice, long lens….

  14. wonderful shot!

  15. So nice of him to hold that pose!

  16. Stunning image, a very regal pose too. Well shot!

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